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Parents face many challenges in protecting their families from inappropriate content online. FunTube offers an innovative and reliable solution, designed to be the perfect digital companion for your family. Combining education and fun in a safe and stimulating environment, FunTube has become the top choice for parents around the world.

Safety and Education
Safety and education are the foundation of building young minds. FunTube boasts a rich and diverse video library, carefully curated to be both suitable for children and educational. The content is constantly updated to include the latest educational stories, fun songs, and interactive programs that contribute to the development of family linguistic, social, and creative skills, all within a framework that respects family and cultural values.

A Viewing Experience Designed Specifically for Family
FunTube gives parents the ability to customize their family's viewing experience with great precision. You can choose the videos you find appropriate, create custom playlists, and set the right viewing times, ensuring a balanced and beneficial experience that reinforces educational and upbringing values.

Advanced Parental Control Tools
FunTube provides a set of tools that enable parents to monitor and regulate their family's use of the app with ease and convenience. Safe search is always enabled, allowing unwanted videos or channels to be blocked. Parents can track the videos and terms searched by their family, all through a user-friendly interface designed to provide comfort for parents and safety for the entire family.

An Engaging and Comfortable User Experience
FunTube features an attractive and colorful user interface that captures the family's attention, along with a night mode that protects their eyes. The intuitive design makes it easy for users to navigate between different videos and sections, enhancing their independence and encouraging exploration.

Diverse Linguistic and Cultural Support
FunTube supports 12, making it a valuable resource for families from various cultural backgrounds. This enhances the learning and entertainment experience in their native languages, helping users appreciate their own culture while opening doors to communicate with others.

Community Responsibility and Continuous Updating
We are committed to our community responsibility, continuously updating filters and improving tools to ensure the best possible experience. We actively encourage parents to report any inappropriate content, and we promise to take the necessary actions to maintain a safe and respectful environment.

FunTube is not just an app for watching videos; it's an educational and entertaining environment. Download the app today and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your family is exploring the digital world in a safe and stimulating environment. Join the millions of parents who have chosen FunTube as the daily companion for their family's educational and entertaining online journey.

FunTube offers a range of features to enhance your family's viewing experience.
- Safe search is always enabled.
- Voice search.
- Watch only the video you searched for.
- Prevent live videos from being played.
- Prevent related videos.
- Keep all your favorite videos.
- Keep all your favorite channels.
- Comprehensive video library with multiple sections.
- Block specific channels.
- Block specific videos.
- Block specific words.
- Control watch time.
- Enable or disable search.
- Includes a dark theme option.
- App passcode protection.
- Watch history (See what your family watched).
- Search history (See what your family searched for).
- Allows sign-in to back up your data.
- Support 12 languages (العربية , Deutsch , English , Español , Français , हिंदी , Indonesia , Português , Русский , ไทย , Türkçe , 中文).

If you find any video or channel unsuitable for family, you can report it immediately.
Download FunTube and ensure your family's online safety.

Current Version: 6.24.6
Current Version: 1.0